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Hello, my name is Jeff Detwiler, I’m 47 years old and live in Arizona. I am a professional software programmer and have written hundreds of programs since the age of 17, some for fortune 500 companies.

When I decided to find a new challenge, I looked around at the opportunity's and chose to enter the Judgment Enforcement business. I quickly discovered that there were no business related programs that I felt suited my needs, so relying on my experience, decided to write my own. I wanted something that was easy to use, but would also cover just about any situation that a Judgment Enforcement Specialist could face. Some of my concerns were; multiple judgment debtors, domestication of judgments, and the myriad challenges of accounting. I also didn't want to have to type in the same court information over and over again. Not to mention a whole other list of requirements that a picky programmer like myself would want.

In writing my program, I relied on the knowledge and experience of some 'old-hands' in this business. The input they provided enhanced the features and usability of the program I was writing. What I thought would be a 'quick' project turned out to take several months and over 30,000 lines of code. But all that hard work paid off with a truly excellent program!

After writing and alpha- and beta-testing the program (again, relying on the 'experts'), I felt I had a program that was both complete and flexible enough to be a benefit to others in this business. Shortly after demonstrating the program features and operations to others in this business, they quickly started asking 'How can I get a copy?'.

After considering the extensive time and extensive energy in creating this program, I decided to offer it to our industry for a very minimal cost.



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