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We have created several videos to help you learn the software at your pace, and to get your business operating quickly.  Click here to watch a video demonstrating the Judgment Management System software



One of the tools that a Judgment Enforcement Specialist must have is an organized system for managing documents and case files. That is where the 'Judgment Management System' excels.  It allows you to enter your cases, track expenses, create documents, and manage all of your data, in an intuitive and flexible format.

This system was created by a Judgment Enforcement Specialist with 28 years of programming experience.  Additionally, the system has been proof-tested by industry experts, some with more than 10 years in this business.

In order to help you recognize that that this is the best package available, we offer you a 30-day trial version of the full working program. After the trial period, you can decide to purchase the 'key' to allow continued usage... or simply delete the program. You can download the full-featured program by clicking here.

Simply, this is the best package available to help you manage and run your business.


Here are just SOME of the features of this incredible system:
bullet This software is well organized and intuitive. A place for everything so you can put everything in it's place. And you can customize the screen layout, accounting and other features to suit your needs.
bullet Calculates interest and judgment expiration dates for all 50 states.
bullet One-time court entry.  A separate page is used to track the courts you work with, so you never have to enter a court more than once.
bullet Network compatible, multiple users can access the same database at the same time.
bullet Automatic data analysis. Reviews your data and warns of any errors.
bullet Expiration Warning.  Alerts you when you judgment is about to expire.... and you set the amount of warning.
bullet Billing Management. You set up and manage payment and billing plans as you want, including reminders to send out bills on any schedule you set.
bullet Expense and Payment Management.  Allows you to enter and track your expenses and payments, including whether those that have been added to the judgment.  You can select what expenses are subject to the allowed interest or not.  Even with partial payments and compound interest.
bullet Extensive search and sort. You can search and sort based on any field in the database.
bullet Multiple Judgment Debtors. You can enter information on up to three debtors.... and print customized letters for each of them.
bullet Domestication Records. Have a debtor who has moved out of state?  This program allows you to enter up to three separate domestications... and maintain records for each.
bullet Account Summary report allows you to view and print all of your financial transactions for each judgment.
bullet Document Creation. Use your word processing software to create standardized documents that can be merged with the fields in the database. This makes document creation simple and accurate. You can create any document you want... for any purpose you need and simply insert the data you want automatically.
bullet Rolodex and Scheduler.  The program includes a 'rolodex' to keep track of your contacts and a built-in 'scheduler' with alarms that you set for important dates/items.


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